North Canton Holiday Wrestling Invitational


NOTE: ALL TEAMS WILL GET A ONE (1) LB WEIGHT ALLOWANCE ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15th and an additional one (1) LB allowance at second weigh ins on Friday night.(i.e. 106>107>108).

First weigh-ins will be held starting at 3pm in the high school gymnasium, with skin/nail checks starting at 2:45pm.  Scales will be open until 2:30pm for weight check.

Entrance to the school will be through either door which is accessible from 7th St.  Buses can drop wrestlers and coaches at the door and park in the stadium lot directly across the street.   Security personnel will direct wrestlers/coaches to the weigh in area.  The school will be open to wrestlers and coaches at 2:00pm.

Following weigh ins, wrestlers will be permitted to leave the gym/locker room area  as school is NOT in session. NOTE: No food or drink is permitted in the gym – please use the school’s Commons Area.


We have received permission from OHSAA to hold second weigh-ins on Friday night.  Weigh ins will start at the conclusion of the final 145lb. match – second round of championship.   Wrestlers will get a TWO POUND ALLOWANCE on Friday night.  SKIN CHECKS WILL BE HELD ON SATURDAY MORNING WHEN TEAMS ARRIVE.


1)  Wrestlers will weigh in by weight class starting at 106lbs.  If a team is late, the wrestlers will weigh in starting at the convenience of the weigh in director.

2)  Three (3) scales will be used.

3)  Wrestlers will have three (3) chances to make weight, one chance on each scale.  After each attempt of not making weight, the wrestler will be confined to the weigh in area until permitted to weigh in again.  All wrestlers will be monitored to prevent dehydration and breaking of the rules standards.

4)  NO activities will be allowed as to allow for dehydration.  There will be NO RUNNING, SPITTING OR LEAVING THE WEIGH IN AREA until the wrestler has completed the weigh in procedure (this includes skin and hair check).

5)  Please try to prepare wrestlers in advance to be on target for weight.  The more wrestlers on weight, the faster weigh ins will go and we can get the tournament started on time.


If you have a wrestler with a skin condition, your OHSAA Skin Form must be dated not prior to December 5, 2017.  The completed form must accompany the wrestler to the skin check area.  There will be a doctor present at weigh ins and he will have the final say as to clearing a wrestler for the tournament.  A current skin form does not guarantee clearance by the doctor.

The OHSAA Skin Form can be found by clicking on the link below:

Skin Form