North Canton Holiday Wrestling Invitational

Rules and Regulations

  • ABSOLUTELY NO food/drink/coolers will be permitted in the gymnasium and/or locker rooms.  Eating is permitted in designated areas only (school cafeteria).  Coolers may be left in this area.  Anyone caught with food or drink in the gym/locker rooms will be asked to leave the area.
  • No wrestlers or spectators will be allowed on the catwalks (upper levels, north/south ends of the gym).  The catwalk on the south end of the gym will be reserved for videotaping.  THE NORTH END WILL BE FOR TOURNAMENT USE ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The upper level bleachers on the Westside of the gym have been designated for wrestlers only until the Saturday evening session.
  • Wrestlers, coaches, videographers & student personnel must have wristband passes displayed AT ALL TIMES.  Security will be very tight allowing only wrestlers, coaches and tournament personnel on the gym floor through the Southeast end doors ONLY.  All statisticians and spectators will remain in the bleachers.
  • Security will also be in and around the locker room areas – any damages caused by wrestlers/coaches will be charged to their respective schools.
  • Hoover High School/North Canton Wrestling Booster Club cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or broken items.
  • Lockers will be available for wrestlers to use in their assigned locker rooms during the tournament.  Bring locks and lock up your belongings.